Joining Rutgers UNICEF

Here at Rutgers UNICEF, it is never too late to become a member. We invite you to show up at any time to our meetings, which are held every other Monday night at 8:00 PM in the College Ave Student Center (Room 411). If you're unsure if we're meeting, check out our social media sites on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We also encourage you to register as a member on our Rutgers getINVOLVED page, which is located here

2018-19 Executive Board

President: Isabelle Kreydin

Vice President: Alekhya Kunaparaju

Secretary: Faye Tasgal

Treasurer: Kazim Rezvi

Events Coordinator: Nisha Jagadeesh

Webmaster: Hira Hashmi

Public Relations Officer: Tory Ludington

Community Service Coordinator: Roopa Badapati

Chair Officers

Advocacy Chair: Faye Tasgal

Fundraising Chair: Anjana Chandra

Education Chair: Jennifer Pham

Administrative Chair: Claire Hsu

Community Chair: Roopa Badapati