Joining Rutgers UNICEF

One thing that we at Rutgers UNICEF stress is that it is never too late to become a member. Simply show up to one of our meetings, which are held every other Monday night at 9:15 PM in the College Ave Student Center (Room 411), and are usually also announced on this website, Twitter, or Instagram. We also strongly advise you to register as a member on our Rutgers getINVOLVED page, which is located at 

2017-18 Executive Board

President: Kajol Bhatia
Vice President: Cesar Espinoza
Secretary: Isabelle Kreydin
Treasurer: Nisarg Shah
Events Coordinator: Johanna Malmstrom
Webmaster: Ali Pasha
Public Relations Officer: Olga Yiantsos
Community Service Coordinator: Alekhya Kunaparaju